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Pick 3 2021


Tiger Champion
May 23, 2010
Round 23 What a dramatic day with Jack's never say die goal to tie the game against the Hawkers thus making a relieved Total Tiger the outright winner for 2021.

49 Total Tiger
47 David SSS
44 The Big Richo
43 Yinnar tiger
Tiger Ghost
Brodders 17
41 Quickdraw
Dan Minogue
Sammy Cougar
40 Mopsy
39 Maneevo
38 Gold 1
Tigers 1980
35 Tigerman
32 Craig
31 Mr Poshman
26 Tigaman
21 tommystigers

Ps 40 & above a pass mark.

Thats all folks & thanks for your participation. Hope the body & the brain is still functioning in a condition to continue in 2022

Eat Them Alive Tigers.
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Total Tiger

Tiger Champion
Apr 13, 2009
Thanks for the fun TM. Who'd want to win the $80 mill powerball draw when they could win the Pick 3 with no prize?

Stay well in the off season peeps.
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