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Pick 63, 2017 Ben Miller - Welcome to Tigerland.

Mr Brightside

Tiger Legend
Jul 1, 2005
Big strides forward this year from Funky , however imho for him to be worth his 2 year contract he must make the graph go up as much next year. He made similar strides each year in the VFL to become an extremely good composed and well skilled backman at that level , I’m hoping he does that Ashe does show some good traits at AFL level , however he still makes bad errors and finds very little of the footy , I’m not as excited by Funky as most , however I have hope
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Delisted Free Agent
Nov 8, 2005
We look better when he's in the ruck and he's dangerous as a forward. Forward Ruck or Ruck Forward, who can swing back if needed. He's important.
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Tiger Superstar
Sep 28, 2009
He could have kicked 2 goals when he was rucking up forward and found space. Was too unselfish looking to give off when he could have easily snapped
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Tiger Legend
Jul 24, 2003
He's a massive unit, athletic, and trending upwards.
A lot to like, just needs to get to 40-50 games.
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Mar 2, 2003
Better tap ruck than Nank. He's pretty strong as rarely gets shifted from his spot in a ruck contest. Good signs from him this year.
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