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PRE Pre season Cognac & Caviar


Richmond has a better list.
Apr 26, 2004
His a possibility :cool:

I think Bubbles is ?
I remember 1 post sometime last season but haven't seen him since. New disguise? If so, he's quiet....

As for Drofder, tell him to stop impersonating Agnetha Faltskog and get back with the PRE gang on here.

Mr Brightside

Tiger Legend
Jul 1, 2005
Hmm, should come along to this one day but too sick at the moment.

That’s how we all end up anyway Dave, so you’d fit right in ;)

Ques are starting to form outside the London as we speak, should be a beauty , see you all later
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Tiger Matchwinner
Aug 6, 2010
Melbourne.....sometimes Broome
I’m spewing....was hoping to be back from Broome by today but im still up here sucking on a few frothies hoping it will rain.

looks like a great arvo (as per usual), great pics Mr B.......I hope those lovely ladies signed up as well
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