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Predict the AFL Ladder Season 2022 (Closed)

Tigers of Old

Proud of our Club.
Jul 26, 2004
First time I've been part of it & have to say it's a brilliant comp mainlandy. Thank you.
Congratulations Mr P on timing your run to perfection & YOTT who lead most of the year.
Cheers Larry for the comic relief too & all others who contributed to the fun.
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Jun 11, 2010
Thanks for the comp @mainlandy

But i was priviliged enough to get hold of some of old man Fagan's stats sheets on the weekend, and after reading them i really think i should have won.
Dont know what happened there...
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Tiger Legend
Apr 26, 2004
Did larabee get flogged by the flogs every week? Last to 2nd last diff looks familiar....


Tiger Legend
Oct 6, 2013
Wow I Collingwooded it hahaha

The Tiges may well have been my worst pick as I had us 1st :D Optimistic much
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year of the tiger

Tiger Legend
Mar 26, 2008

How did that happens - talk about a big time choke at the line - call it a YOTTmondy

Well played @mrposhman - you timed your run to perfection, I was expecting some movement in that last round hence the cyclist crashing pic in my previous post.

@mainlandy - great comp, really enjoyed it, thanks.
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Tiger Legend
Dec 11, 2017
Always said this is a damned hard competition, and I got the sum total of no teams in their correct position :LOL:

Thanks for the comp mainlandy, it is great.

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Don't Boo! It is hurtful to the inept and corrupt.
Oct 6, 2004
I'm satisfied that I picked Adelaide to once again suck. :ROFLMAO:

@mrposhman and @Tigers of Old that is impressive selecting. Congrats Posh.

@larabee Pure class mate. We tried but couldn't catch you. Next year I'm going to pick teams from a hat and see if I can do any better.

@mainlandy This comp continues to provide fun and good hearted banter. Thanks for your efforts. :cupgold
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Tiger Legend
Dec 18, 2002
Tel Aviv
The regular season has come to an end and year of the tiger has pulled off a Carlton, who led the competition for most of the year and then getting pipped in the last round by mrposhman. Well done again mrposhman this is the second time you have won the competition, that's no mean feat. The planets aligned for mrposhman in the last round where he correctly placed 4 teams in their right positions, being Melbourne, Brisbane, Carlton and St Kilda which got him over the line. Tigers of Old also finished the season well nabbing second, 1 point in front of year of the tiger. Unfortunately larabee, there was no miracle for you taking last spot by a whopping 18 points.
Special mention must also go to Redford who was the only person to predict the Tigers to come 7th, well done.

Leaderboard after round 23 Team/s correctly predicted

1 mrposhman 56 Melbourne, Brisbane, Carlton, StKilda
2 Tigers of Old 60 Melbourne, Carlton, Gold Coast, Adelaide
3 year of the tiger 61 Port Adelaide
4 Tigers54 64 North Melbourne, Sydney
5 TBarTiger 65 North Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast
6 Football Monk 66
7 Sammy Cougar 68
7 tigers1980 68
9 Quickdraw 69 Melbourne
9 Morris Minor 69 Melbourne, Adelaide, West Coast
11 Ian4 71 Adelaide
11 spook 71 Melbourne
13 mainlandy 72
13 total tiger 72
15 JimJessTorp 73
15 Baloo 73 StKilda
15 tigerman 73
15 Redford 73 Richmond, Adelaide
19 toothless 74 Melbourne, Carlton
20 Dan Minogue 75 Adelaide
20 Yinnar Tiger 75 Gold Coast
20 MD Jazz 75 Sydney
23 The Big Richo 76 North Melbourne, Melbourne
23 Wisdom of the Crowd76
25 tigaman 77 StKilda, North Melbourne
25 tigertim 77
25 Number8 77 Carlton
25 wayne 77 Carlton, StKilda, West Coast
29 Let'sRoar 78
29 Mopsy 78
29 TigerGhost 78
29 The Mole 78
33 Batchelor Party 81 Melbourne
33 ScottyTurner'sCurse 81 Melbourne
33 MrT 81 Melbourne
36 MyCotchinRules 82
36 DJ Jazzy Pete 82 North Melbourne
36 Gold1 82
39 DavidSSS 83
39 tommystigers 83 Adelaide
41 Brodders17 84
42 Bristiger24 90
43 larabee 108
Thanks GrahamLandy. A most enjoyable competition. Well done for running.

Congrats to Mr Poshman, Tigers of Very Old and everyone else.

Much fun.
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Don't Boo! It is hurtful to the inept and corrupt.
Oct 6, 2004
Wow, that’s cold man

:ROFLMAO: Winning this thing is a difficult task. Next best thing is the glory of the spoon.

I‘ve tried consideration, I’ve tried emulation, and none of these have worked to get to the top.
Knowing my skills the hat will get me closer to the top than bottom.
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The Big Richo

Tiger Superstar
Aug 19, 2010
The home of Dusty
Thanks and well done on another great competition Mainlandy and congratulations Mr P.

Something I've been meaning to suggest for a little while is that perhaps next season and beyond this event could be named the LeetoRainestoRoach Cup in memory of the inaugural winner and valued deceased member?
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