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PREnder of the Year-2010


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Mar 27, 2003
Everyone is invited to vote 3-2-1 for members of the site they think have made valuable contributions during the previous month. (Normally I'd post this thread tomorrow but not sure I'll have a chance to so jumping the gun by a day) It would be good, although not compulsory, if a brief description of why the votes were awarded.)

*I am not eligible to be included in the votes.

3-Streak-for off-season contributions to the site keeping the boards ticking over
2-geoffry-for speaking up to remind people about the legal implications in regard to what is posted on PRE.
1-Bananas- (B1 actually cos B2 picks on my banners :hihi ) -for adding a bit of levity to the site.


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Apr 8, 2004
3. TOT70 - A class above. A great finisher. Quality at it's best and is effective with every possession. Brilliant writing, a pleasure to read.
2. Tigerbob - Head always over the ball. Has been doubled and tripled tagged every season. Has the potential winning this medal, but will need to overcome distractions. Very knowledgable.
1. Barnzy - 4 quarters of consistency every week. His performance indicators are on the up.

Apologies to Dyer Disciple - Has been on a restricted training program over the summer and has the potential to cause damage to the opposition. This is one poster the opposition will have to look out for. I expect him to be up there during the year. Excellent posting.


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Jul 28, 2004
3 - Tigerbob - top shelf poster.
2 - Pharace - often agrees with me!
1 - Bananas - keeping things in perspective.

B1 and B2

Richo & The Twins
Mar 6, 2007
3 Streak Keeps the interest going on the Quiz topics
2 Barnzy Always good reading whether you agree or not
1 LidsBling&Cotch Has the sense to ignore our rubbish posts



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Sep 27, 2004
3. TOT70 for some intelligent posting over the last few months.
2. Tigerbob for holding fast against the feral hordes.
1. Disco08 for intelligent analysis of our players.


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Jun 15, 2003
3. IanG
2. hopper
1. Skybeau

Honourable mentions to: Harry, Disco08, Streak, Dyer Diciple, Smoking Aces, Leysey Days and gustiger.

All have done exceptionally well in difficult circumstances, the beakons of light in a very, very dark time......


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Apr 20, 2009
3. Leysey Days
2. Tigerbob
1. Bristiger

Honourable mentions: TOT70, gustiger, Smoking Aces, Evo, CC Tiger, lamb22, Tigers of Old, Dyer Disciple, Harry and Baloo.

An excellent core here, just need to work on the depth. The fringe types are generally quite poor. Striking similarity to the RFC list :eek:

Phar Ace

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Jun 17, 2004
Ahhhhh, how do you fit so many quality people into just 3 picks? :mad:

3. GPB - has repeatly astonished me with some of his posts on his return :clap
2. Total Tiger - Passion for Y&B rivals most.
1. Hopper - Appraisals are some of the most balanced I've read.

Honourable mentions: Like Tigerbob challenging the status quo, U2's defence of the underdog, Tot's analytical mind, MB's breavity, Ruthless's insight, and Remote's calling a spade a spade bl00dy shovel!

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Oct 28, 2004
3- Tigerbob - Always high quality posting - well thought out and justified opinions.
2- Tiger74 - A poster that I generally enjoy reading, even if I don't always agree 100%.
1- Lamb22 - Some of the best, rational arguments seen for some time on the Race, Religion and Politics boards.

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Mar 30, 2008
3 Juffaricho
2 Glantone
1 Lamb22

Also enjoy Leysy Days, Harry, Claw, Hopper, Evo, Barnzy...and heaps more

Dyer Disciple

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Oct 1, 2007
Well not sure I should participate I've been on leave over summer and only fully returned the last couple of weeks of the month so not really qualified to have a opinion on the last month but I have read aplenty since being back....

In the spirit of participating...

3 - TOT70 - One of the most intelligent and witty minds on PRE. Not to mention often has the best avatars!

2 - Tigers of Old - In everything, agree or disagree gotta admire his passion for the club and to this community.
He's no Ben Cousins which he will be the first to say he is glad, but I like to think of him as
PRE's Cam Howat, never stops on the Tan

1 - Barnzy - Bit of a darkhorse, good footy brain

Honourable mentions to

TigerBob for a) standing tall for what he belives in and getting a set of grey hair to go with it and b) improving the quality of his posts finally. ;D

GPB - Now he's posting more frequent and accepted Vickery isn't a hack

Lamb22 - For laying out well considered and thought stimulating posts

Leysy Days - Could read his posts all day, never get enough of em

Disco08 - Did he used to change the digits in his name each year and stop finally or is that my imagination? Got to respect the tenacity he defends the players with and gets into debates with

Not to mention I'm a fan of the work of Col Kurtz, Phar Ace, IanG, Astute Tiger, Tiger Masochist (not on a lot but has some of the funniest one liners on here), T74, Smoking Aces, LidsBling Cotch, Baloo & Gustiger


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Mar 6, 2004
1: Tigers of Old: KISS theory
2: TOT70: insightful
3: daylight


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May 1, 2005
3. Remote Tiger....very wise and unfailingly loyal to tigers
2. Tiger Masochist ....very funny at cutting through the drivel
1.. Tigerbob and GPB ...great understanding of theTiger team


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Oct 12, 2005
1. dyer disciple
2. tigerbob
3. tigers of old

honourable mentions to evo, rockstar tiger, lamb22 and my old mates jb03 and mb64

Mr Brightside

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Jul 1, 2005
3 Leysy
2 Bobby T
1 Tot70
3 genuine footy brains

ToO now you are a Melburnian you must lift son to get votes ;)

Special mention to Missing31 and Redford as there posting has improved out of site in recent times...


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Mar 19, 2006
CC TIGER said:
ToO now you are a Melburnian you must lift son to get votes ;)

3. ToO :hihi excellent posting as always, really seems to have hit a rich vein of form since he's become the afore-mentioned Melburnian.
2. Tigerbob - it'd be really boring if I wrote "agree, great post" after anything tbob writes so I don't, but geez he nails it so often...fantastic early season effort and great to see him round the site again.
1. IanG - succinct yet brilliant in his brevity.

Honourable mentions to Freezer, Dyer Disciple, YinnarTiger, TOT70, evo and RemoteTiger.

Special mention to Spanish Prisoner...anybody who is that obvious a troll, yet still manages to elude the powers that be, has definite talent if nothing else.