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Jul 27, 2009
As any AFLW side made a profit?
Funny question as the club reports on its whole business , not per team. Our AFLW side features our mainstream sponsors plus Swinburne . I would expect they are additional commercial arrangements rather than freebies , we have also sold a few thousand memberships all be it the offering is limited with nil games at Punt rd and entry to games FREE
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Dec 11, 2017

Richmond Football Club is one club. It fields a variety of teams: Men's AFL, Men's VFL, Women's AFL (from 2020), Women's VFL, Wheelchair, I think that's it these days.

In 2019 Richmond Football Club made a profit.

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Jul 13, 2005
Richmond Victoria
Far from formidable which is the case today with 103,000 , 24mn in the bank and 100mn in turnover which has us the BIGGEST club in the league , we were never that status
I am well aware of that, multi million $ profit wasn't the norm nor the expectation in days past


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Mar 1, 2015
mmmm, you sure ?

Pretty sure we were OK before the trade war with the scum.
Bit hard to know how we were really travelling back then in an era of secret cash payments and equally shifty back room deals..... Not sure there was a door leading to the corporate governance department.