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R4 - Other games

Mr Brightside

Tiger Legend
Jul 1, 2005
Nik Cox could be anything. Serious talent. I texted my Bummer bro-in-law, "You love young Cox, don't ya" and he didn't disagree.
Looks like Cox is 200cm is going to be like Pendelbury played basketball with the commentators, ol Dudoro may have finally got one right.
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Tiger Matchwinner
Jun 23, 2013
If this is his last year he'll be hard pressed to make 1000 goals. And I would have no problem with that whatsoever.
Think you will find he is contracted next year hence why he is being nursed Suspect he will play next Saturday then rested when they go to the Gold Coast


Tiger Legend
Oct 6, 2013
Lions mids are too small and too slow IMO. Last year they relied on playing at home and for a high clearance game. Unless the number of stoppages increases then they might be done.