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Radio calls of gf


Tiger Champion
Feb 25, 2008
In 2017 someone uploaded a zip file of all the different gf radio calls.
Anybody know where to get this year's from?
I used them on my jogs.
Was great motivation and amazing listening!
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Tiger Superstar
Aug 3, 2003
Bruswick West
Me too.... still listen to the 2017 files when on a long drive... especially love the 5AA call... would love to get hold of the various 2019 commentaries!!

smokin joe

Tiger Matchwinner
Oct 11, 2004
Funny listening to SEN Geelong game Prelim
Lyon and Wallace bagging us big time in first half
Bet they jump back on in the second half
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Tiger Rookie
May 21, 2011
The first half call be SEN was cringeworthy at the time ... whately and huddo in full on barracking mode for the cats, gawwy and wallet picking us apart - Cotchin gone, dusty hobbled, Jack G out and the two rucks a liability .. turned it off at half time at the game cause it was ruination.

I listened with a big grin this time. Knowing what was coming and they turned on a dime in the 3rd quarter.
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We won!!!!!
Jun 8, 2006
Gaddabout inciting Mumford to "do something, anything" to Dusty. Fortunately we all know that Mummy was a total embarrassment.
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