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Recording HDMI


A Tiger in Denmark
Aug 9, 2003
I have recently moved house.
As part of this move, I have taken the plunge and ditched conventional TV and now our only source of input for the TV is HDMI via a desktop box which takes its input from the internet, and the box has no built-in recording option.
Recording programs is the one thing I forgot when we did this.
These days it isn't very often that one needs to record something, the box does have an archive function where you can watch programs that were broadcast over the last week or so.
But I can envisage times where this will become necessary.
How do I go about this? I have done some research and found that "capture devices" are the way to go, or otherwise trying to record the input from the screen of the tablet or computer screen on which the program is being viewed.
Testing various options has proved unsuccessful and there is certainly nothing I have found that other members of my household will be able to operate by themselves, which is kind of necessary.
Are there any options out there?
Finding it kind of hard to believe there are no simple "video recorder" type devices that allow this, even with the copy protection built in, which wouldn't bother me.