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RFC alters Best and Fairest records


Get out Gillon
Jun 4, 2006
I'd rather not know who instigated the investigation, though i do have my suspicions.
Clearly it is the end result of research begun in 2000 by Rhett Bartlett (RFC Historical Committee), Roland Weeks (RFC museum curator and life member) and Trevor Ruddell (MCC librarian). Initially investigating errors in the club's list of life members, anomalies were also noticed in the list of b&f winners.

Bartlett and Ruddell put a submission before the board to have the records amended in 2014, however after viewing the evidence, the submission was turned down.

Not sure what led to the second submission in 2017 or whether any additional evidence was presented, however after an independent review overseen by Emmett Dunne (RFC vice president, life member, former Assistant Commissioner of Victoria Police), the board deemed that most of the 1988/1993 additions were made in error.

I don't have any reason to believe that any of these people would act against the club's interests, or those of any past player.
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