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Rfc = Mongrel


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Jun 3, 2003
We've got some serious mongrel in the side:

FlossTone oops, hit you in back of the head Mongrel
Optimus Prime Unassuming nice guy Mongrel
Meatball Contested ball Mongrel
Aston Don't argue Triple Norm Mongrel
Tazz Still reading play book Mongrel
Bakes Underestimated Small Man Big Heart Mongrel
Jackmond Clever Mongrel
Chimpah Toughest ever Richmond Captain Mongrel (sorry Captain Blood)
Titch Edward Scissorhands slice you up Mongrel
George Captain Chaos Mongrel
Short Penetration Mongrel
Dan Skills Mongrel
Tommy Gun White line fever / refer FlossTone Mongrel
Ivan's cousin Ivan Could have been handy if not for Porkins cheat push Mongrel
Arkman Utility Mongrel
Caddyshack Richmond Man give up spot for a kid Mongrel
Lambo Running one hip Mongrel
Nankenstein Put you in hospital Mongrel
$hai Flashy Mongrel
Nigel oops hit Ginny in back of head with errant forearm Mongrel
Pinjarra/Kapsy/Kmac/Flappers Run you into the ground sheep dog Mongrel
Fridge Tackling Mongrel
Boobsy Hands ALL over you Mongrel (had to go there!:)))
Matty P Fell over in Dreamtime show and nearly did a hammy Mongrel
Syd A Knee Don't waste your talent Mongrel
Hugo Get a haircut Mongrel
Jnr Scare oppo backlines with pace Mongrel

Pickett Guided Missile Mongrel (Thanks Coburgtiger)

(Credit to Coburgtiger who was inspiration for my post on the back of his comment about Pickett (In Kmac thread) being less like a sheepdog and more like a guided missile.
Love quotes like that, lovely work Coburgtiger!:clap2)

We certainly have some guys who can inflict pain on oppo (mainly in legal ways:mhihi) and play very aggressive football.
Funny about that.
Playing like that wins you Premierships.
We went away from that second half of last year.
Last 6/7 weeks we have got our mojo back.

Bash in, Tiges!

Housekeeping: Haven't mentioned some of the fringe guys or uncapped players.
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