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Rhyan Mansell welcome to Tigerland

Jason King

Forever the GOAT
Jul 19, 2007
Adelaide, South Australia
I am very keen to see how Melee goes this year, given my (admittedly very tenuous) links to his extended family down there in Tassie! But any success he has I am gonna over-claim massively personal responsibility for! :cupgold
He will be a player I reckon. A good mix of Jake King, Stacky and a little Grimes.

Rapt for him.
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Sep 23, 2005
Still not sure on Mansell. He reminds me of Ricky Pettard, a useful journeyman without that little extra spark we need. Still will be more than happy to be proven wrong
I think he’ll kick in another gear next year. He was good and solid other than giving away silly free kicks in all his games this year but we couldn’t have asked more of him.
I think next year we’ll see more of him taking the game on as he gets more comfortable.