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Richmond Photo/Gif Thread


Tiger Legend
Apr 15, 2007
melbourne, victoria
My greatest day at the footy until the 2017 GF.

In a frustrating first half, Knights and Charles kept us in it.

Rogers, Turner, Daffy, Naish and Tape brought it home in the second half.

The Northey debacle brought a really promising era undone.

1995 was a fantastic year of footy for us.
What could have been if Richo & Wigney hadn’t got injured. Both at the SCG I believe.?
Than Northey ..... I believe that really took the soul out of the club & some players too.

But what a second half.
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Tiger Matchwinner
Jul 23, 2016
Have fond memories of him charging down the middle of the MCG with a bandage that was wrapped around his ankle and boot unfurling as he ran.


It's Tiger Time
Mar 17, 2003
Was there at the end where Knighta kicked that goal.
Eyes only in front , took it upon himself and right through the middle.
While I wasn’t there, **** I was up and about at home watching it, I was pumped right up.
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Nov 25, 2004
For Fathers' Day I got this T Shirt:

Do I know how to raise a child or what!


The guy who makes those does a good Maurice Rioli too.

I really like the Geoff Blethyn one but can't bring myself to wear anything Essendon
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Tiger Champion
Dec 11, 2017
Yeah, I've seen the Maurice Rioli one, looks good. Maybe I'll get that too.

Also have the Dusty social distancing t short, that is fabulous.

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Tiger Champion
May 19, 2008
This is a very good hi-res pic.
Does anyone have something similar for 2017 and 2019?

I've still got a couple of decent quality pics (just the players without the text) that I used for printing/framing
2017 one is 4000 x 2250 and 6MB; 2019 is 1900 x 1000 and 2MB

I've tried to attach reduced size versions here (looks like I can't attach files bigger than 1MB)
If you think they're any use to you let me know and I'll work out how to get the originals to you


  • RFC GF Team Photo - 2019 - reduced.jpg
    RFC GF Team Photo - 2019 - reduced.jpg
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  • RFC GF Team Photo - 2017 - reduced 2.jpg
    RFC GF Team Photo - 2017 - reduced 2.jpg
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