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Role players


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Mar 24, 2004
Hardwick commented recently that if you play players too long in the VFL they become VFL players so it would be logical to assume that if you coach players to be role players rather than allowing

them to play to their natural instincts you end up with Role players with reduced footballing instinct.

This has worked well in the past as our system with the majority of our team being Role players and the rest being able to free wheel.

This season other teams systems have broken down our systems and we have criticized our role players for performing their roles instead of playing their natural game.

Is it possible that our coaching staff have developed our role players to the extent that we have coached the much of the football instincts out of them?

I am not advocating that we ditch the Role playing system but that we maybe get Lepitch back in for a review to see if our current coaches have drifted the philosophy of Role players too far.
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Bullarto Tiger

Tiger Legend
Mar 17, 2012
This is worth some further thought.
While playing a role is fundamental to the way in which Dimma sets-up the team, I have always enjoyed watching the players who rely on their instinct and natural footy nous.
Hoping MRjr's natural flair is allowed to reign free when he is eventually selected.