Round 12 - Richmond v Northern Bullants, Saturday July 3, 2.00pm, Preston City Oval | PUNT ROAD END | Richmond Tigers Forum
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Round 12 - Richmond v Northern Bullants, Saturday July 3, 2.00pm, Preston City Oval


Tiger Superstar
Apr 6, 2014
Other takeaways - Maurice junior is miles off AFL. Martyn looks ok. Parker is AFL level albeit his kicking looks average. The debutant Power could be a player too - like his attack on the ball & composure in a contest just before 3/4 time - didn’t think twice about committing.
Sounds like he's already ahead of Naish and RCD re. committing to the contest.

Sammy Cougar

Goodness Gracious me The Tigers have got Another
Staff member
Mar 6, 2004
Just saw what Stacky Did Stupid Boy that will cost him a spot next week


Tiger Legend
Oct 6, 2013
Ryan playing in front has drawn the ball this quarter. Good lesson

He is good up forward. Not sure about ruck, I think thats why they've thrown Street in there.

Ryan has tried hard and kept competing, reckon one of our better players today.