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Round 16 VFL Frankston Vs Richmond


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Jul 24, 2003
Ryan solid, a game like this will do him good. Wore a few, kicked a couple of nice goals.
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Jun 18, 2007
I thought Ryan had a poor day until the last quarter. Not imposing himself.

RCD and Martyn our best, followed by Naish and Egg with their usual strengths and flaws.

RCD used the ball quickly by hand as opposed to his former tendency to seek contact with the ball under his wing. Progress. Martyn looks accomplished at the level, probably ready for another look at the big time.

MoJu did some things but I wish Fly had stuck around for a while longer, would have really benefited the lad.

McDonagh has a rifle of a left leg but is slower than Caddy unfortunately.

Ralphy and Cumbers played as target men and shared six, so job done. Would like to see them each get more of the footy though. Ralphy just six disposals for three goals, Cumberland 11.
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Apr 26, 2004
Cumberland is an interesting one to monitor. Love his aggressive way.
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Mar 2, 2003
IMO Martyn has the attributes that will most likely translate to AFL midfielder level.
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Feb 25, 2007
Richmond VFL playing coach, Steve Morris, provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Sunday's 16-point win over Frankston.

Patrick Naish (33 disposals, six inside-50s, six tackles, one goal)

"Found a lot of the footy all day. Was great to see him have six tackles and a superb finish from the boundary in the last quarter at a really important stage of the game."

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith (29 disposals, 11 rebound 50s, five marks)

"Derek had a great game, he got better as the game went on. His ball-use was outstanding as always and his voice has been a real highlight setting us up behind the footy."

Riley Collier-Dawkins (27 disposals, six clearances, three tackles)

"Was outstanding in the middle of the ground with six clearances. He was really important, providing a big body to bash and crash all day against a strong midfield."

Will Martyn (25 disposals, nine marks, seven tackles, two score assists)

"Continues to throw himself into the contest. Found a lot of the footy again on the weekend and continued to persevere and tackle and put pressure on defensively. He's tracking really well."
ed forward, ruck, midfield and down back when needed. He was outstanding once again, and continues to be a solid presence from us and led from the front."

Samson Ryan (14 disposals, two goals, 39 hit-outs, eight tackles)

"Kicked two goals for the day and probably could have had a third. It was important that he competed strongly in the ruck and he did a really good job. Also had eight tackles which was a highlight."

Maurice Rioli Jnr (11 disposals, eight tackles, three clearances)

"Put sensational pressure on all day. It was really important that he was able to fight through injury and come back and really have an impact for us on the ground after hurting his ankle, which is a sign of his maturity."

Noah Cumberland (nine disposals, three goals, five tackles)

"Could've had four goals in the first half. He competed really hard for us, we were undersized in the forward line and needed him to compete, and that's what he did. He had a great game for us."

Hugo Ralphsmith (eight disposals, three goals, three marks)

"Had a quiet game by his standards but importantly, he was able to hit the scoreboard with three goals. So, we'll certainly take that, and look for him to have an even greater impact next week."

Bigoa Nyuon (eight disposals, four marks)

'Biggy' had a sensational first half. Unfortunately, he copped a poke to the eye in the third quarter and that saw him sit out the remainder of the game, but he was really important for us."



Hope springs infernal
Mar 29, 2014

Bigoa Nyuon (eight disposals, four marks)

'Biggy' had a sensational first half. Unfortunately, he copped a poke to the eye in the third quarter and that saw him sit out the remainder of the game, but he was really important for us."

Biggy just can't take a trick
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