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Shane Edwards


Tiger Legend
Jul 11, 2010
Shipston on Stour, UK
choked up. Nothing more needs to be said, loved watching him play. Blink and you'll miss half of what he does. He was Richmond defensive attacking chaos before Richmond was. I'll miss him.
There were times you needed a replay to see what he did and still you don't believe it. Pure magic!
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Legends of 2017

Mar 24, 2005
Thanks Sheds. Great career. Legend of the club. Absolutely magical with his handballs. Watching the 2017 finals games, and the GF in particular, was watching a masterclass in action. Just sublime.

Just one slightly sour note. Anyone watch 10 news? Introducing the clip announcing his retirement , they had a graphic up of Matt Parker :mad:
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What did I miss dad?
May 6, 2007
Mt Waverley, Victoria
Great career. At his best, a highly skilled, creative & intuitive midfielder/forward. Pivotal over the past 10 years, including the three flags naturally.

All things must pass and it’s the right time. Forever grateful to yet another player who gave us the ultimate success that I never thought I’d see.
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Tiger Champion
May 7, 2012
There are a couple of players you could say this about, but we don't win 3 premierships without Shane.

Thank you for giving me the best experiences of my life.

We are richer for having had him, and poorer for his departure.

I will feel an Edwards shaped hole in the squad for many coming years.

Richmond will be a bit less Richmond next year.
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Tiger Superstar
Jan 18, 2007
From the scrawny mop top bobbing up everywhere at Coburg city oval to the triple premiership quickest hands in town, thanks for the memories.

And that single tear down Dusty's face, enough said.
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Tiger Legend
Jul 11, 2010
Shipston on Stour, UK
Always sad to see club champions, all multiple premiership players, to retire especially three in one season and we will miss what Josh, Kane and Shane has brought to the club what with the culture and the success they have given us. Hopefully they will continue to be involved in the club using their experiences to help us continue our growth.
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Tiger Legend
Apr 14, 2003
Adelaide, Australia
Always Been one of my favourites ever since he was drafted especially as he was an SA boy I had particular interest. Just seems like a wonderful humble guy and I would like to thank him for all of the wonderful memories and hoping still more to come next month or so. Thank you sincerely Shane.
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Tiger Superstar
Mar 18, 2014
Gee whiz, have been flat out at work today, Only just catching up.
I missed the whole newscycle around Shane's retirement.

Not a surprise of course, but still, I am misty eyed as I read the news now.
Love the bloke, champion bloke, masterful player. Loved watching him play.

Will go back and read everyone's posts soon.
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