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Smaller list sizes


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Oct 6, 2013
So a club can have up to 6 rookies and 2 Cat B rookies ( Or at least 1 rookie)

So you could have 36 primary list players, 6 rookies and 2 Cat B rookies (44)

I’d like to see our rookies like Bakes and Marlion upgrade to the senior list and utilise the rookie list again as we have done so well from it.

I'd be surprised if we don't push towards that.

We currently have 33 I think (assuming Rance comes off) on the main list, so we have to add at least 3 (that assumes we maintain Garthwaite and Miller on the main list). We could probably rookie 1 or 2 of those and reduce our main list to 31. Add Bakes and Marlion to the main list, and then we need to take 3 in the draft (1st 2 picks and MRJ hopefully), leaving us with 36 on the main list.

Not sure when Colina is added to our list, might not be until 2022, but if we do the above and maybe re-rookie Miller, then we will have 5 on the rookie list (assume we keep Egg) so depending on what we do, we may not have a rookie spot but I agree with your thoughts, especially being as there will be some high reward but risky picks that won't be picked up in the ND this year so it could work out really well for us.
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Mar 6, 2004
GOLD Coast will have a maximum of 49 players on its list next year after the Suns were given approval to continue with an extended squad. The AFL last week announced rules on list spots, with each club having a minimum of 37 players and a maximum of 44. The primary list must have no fewer than 36 players and no more than 38, with the Suns also capped at 38 primary list players. However they will be able to have nine category A rookies on their list and also two category B rookies.


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Jul 13, 2005
Richmond Victoria
My thoughts, Rance off makes 33 on main list, can have 36-38 & I assume we may not make any further delistings

Main List
Pick 17 added to list = 34
Pick 36 added to list = 35
Pick whatever MRJ added to list = 36
Upgrade Bakes = 37
Upgrade Marlion = 38

Rookie List A
Smocka =1
Marbs = 2
Syd = 3

Rookie List B
Dekka = 1
Mate' = 2 - not here till 2022 but on list now

Potential to add 1 more rookie if the above main list is how it works out , maybe even MRJ if no bids come & we like someone @ 61 - which will come in a bit I reckon

38 on main , 4 Cat A & 2 Cat B = 44
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