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Sydney Stack

Dont Argue

Tiger Superstar
Jun 26, 2018
The most intriguing young player at your club

Andrew Slevison
14 Feb 2020

RICHMOND - Sydney Stack

It may seem a simple choice but it is hard to contain excitement surrounding Sydney Stack.

In 2019, he showed glimpses of what he is capable of in his 17 AFL games, getting the ball rolling on what will eventually be an extensive highlight reel full of massive marks, quality goals, big hits and composed ball use.

Stack, 19, had appeared to establish himself in the Tigers’ best 22 before he was dropped late in the season prior to the ankle injury which derailed his season.

He managed to be part of the VFL premiership and after tasting success, quickly threw himself into pre-season training and is doing everything in his power to force his way back into the line-up in 2020. The sky is the limit for Stack and we can’t wait to see what he delivers.

Tiger fans will also be keen to find out what Jack Ross has to offer upon his return, having opened a small window into his playing ability and footy smarts in his debut campaign.

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MD Jazz

Tiger Champion
Feb 3, 2017
Our biggest improvement will come from a full year of Soldo/Stack/Pickett in 2020.

I see little hope for the other 17 sides if this occurs
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Tiger Cub
Mar 17, 2014
Stackman looks super fit. Full credit to him.

Weren't there whispers a while ago that he had a contract clause where he needed to come back after the off season in reasonable shape?

This kid will light it up this year. Some sleepless nights for Jack Viney on the horizon for sure
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