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Talkin’ Tactics 2022

Smoking Aces

Batten Down The Hatches
Sep 21, 2007
Absolutely Aces. If we are to expect Nank / Soldo to play in tandem in 2022, that's precisely where CCJ might feel he isn't part of the seniors mix.

This is why a trade with GC might just be something that makes good list management sense.

In fact, with Soldo returning, I'm coming around to the idea of trading CCJ.
If CCJ can net us pick 3 from GC then it’s a no-brainer.

Tigers of Old

Proud of our Club.
Jul 26, 2004
Great post Carter. Couldn’t agree more. Our stoppage work this year was EFL like. Not good enough. It needs addressing. I was very much against someone like Dunstan. Because he can’t kick. He is worse than Castsgna. Much worse. But he instantly improves us in an area where are shithouse in. And he is free.
No. Dunstan butchers it as you said.
The best teams inside mids don't butcher it.
We need to recruit good disposers of the ball.
Transitional midfielders.
Dunstan is delisted for a reason.
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Don't push me 'cos I'm close to the edge...
Aug 16, 2009
That comment about scoring being too difficult for us this year is spot on, we have to do a lot of work in that area.

I reckon David Teague should help a lot in that area
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Two outta three ain't bad.
Mar 21, 2005
Our problems are simply

- we lack pace around the centre clearance - our goto clearance players of Prestia, Cotch, Edwards and Lambert have passed that peak level they had over the 2017 - 2020. Melb have gone way past us n this area and they have an elite ruck as well - we have Bolton coming through, others?

- our defence has also lost its shape - how do Grimes / Vlas now compare with other defences - we have Balta coming through but as others mentioned, we have lost our strength of defending higher up the ground - this is structural.

- it’s hard to comment without seeing games live, but our team couldn’t generate numbers from contest to contest which was a strength during our dynasty period. Is that fitness, age, desire, injuries (lack of game continuity) I don’t know but I can’t see the gut running players of Lambert, Aarts, Edwards doing it now. Questions now whether George and Pickett can keep doing it and whether Dan Rioli can go back to that role also.

We will never get our connection right across the ground and with our forwards if these three things are not working. We have a bit of work to do over summer and with our recruiting.
All this.


labels are for canned food
Jul 30, 2013
Put Shai in the centre is my first 2022 tactic
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Tiger Rookie
Feb 11, 2021
pace and clean hands needed in the midfield as well as strong bodies

Cotch & Graham are our strong bodies

Dusty , Prestia , Lambert , Bolton and Edwards have been our clean hands and pace thru the midfield

we do need depth to cover injury and in the not too distant future replace some of those guys

Stack will a full preseason could run thru the middle
RCD is promising to reach that level
The like Dow as a prospect but he is still a bit skinny

so does it emphasise we need to draft a good one and trade in a ready made one ?


Tiger Legend
Nov 14, 2012
We gotta get past Melbourne, you say?

Some of football's greatest and most learned luminaries believe that defence wins flags. In that spirit, let us examine the all-important defensive match-ups of a hypothetical grand final based on current lists October 14 2021:

Neal-Bullen >>> Broad (seriously, Broad could win a Norm Smith on this bloke)

McDonald >>> Balta (Noah has Tom covered)

Sparrow >>> Stack (My money's on the Stackman)

Fritsch >>> Grimes (Bayley is mince meat.)

Brown >>> Tarrant (Owned and beaten like a dog by Tarrant. There is no question here.)

Spargo >>> Rioli (Run off him, Daniel, fly, fly fly)

Petracca >>> Vlastuin (Flossy to run intercept until Trac drifts into F50. From there it is a net loss to Melbourne)

It is self-evident from my extensive analysis that the only reason Melbourne jagged this year's flag is that Footscray had one of the worst backlines September has ever seen.

The smart money is Richmond in 2022. Keep it quiet yeah?
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Don't Boo! It is hurtful to the inept and corrupt.
Oct 6, 2004
1. I think our 15 metre chip kick into the deep defensive pocket and then the down the line kick is past used by date. A more offensive defensive line.

2. We need to develop a proper strategy to hit our forwards on the chest inside 50. Ball inside 50, ball outside 50 doesn't work. Is forward midget chaos theory still a thing?
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