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Terrorist Attacks


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Dec 11, 2017
I can Duck Duck Go ultra violent verses in the Bible, and I really can't see the difference.

Those who seek to use religion to justify violence will have no trouble doing so from the Bible, Qu'ran or the Torah, and many other "holy" books besides.

Plenty of Christians spout violence, here's a nice image:

terorists - explain the differfence.jpg

I'll grant the Muslim probably has an AK-47 so would likely do better, but religion being used to excuse violence, old news.

The irony is that both lots end up killing more of their own, those internal disputes are pretty rugged.

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Jun 4, 2006
AFP: Children as young as 13 helping co-ordinate terror attacks via the internet (paywalled)

AFP Commissioner warns that lockdowns have allowed extremist recruitment to flourish, and that the end of restrictions makes it more difficult to prevent attacks.

Says there has been a significant rise in children becoming involved in plotting atrocities, and that "religiously motivated violent extremism co-ordinated online [is] Australia’s biggest terrorism threat".

MD Jazz

Nuance is hard to find
Feb 3, 2017
Not helped by the pathetic behaviour of the LNP members that attended. They are essentially condoning these lunatics.
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