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The A-Z of Tigerland in 2010


Tiger Champion
Apr 8, 2007
Punt Road

A is for Astbury, an impressive debut,
B is for Ben, the old (Cousins) and the new (Nason).
C is for Connors, bounced back in style,
D is for ‘Dusty’, best recruit by a mile.
E is for Edwards, a solid improver,
F is for Farmer, not a bad mover.
G is for ‘Gus’ Graham, giant young man,
H is for Hardwick, has a clear plan.
I is for Injuries, Foley the main loss,
J is for ‘Jumping Jack’, our new forward boss.
K is for King, more than just tough,
L is for Losses, first nine were enough.
M is for Morton, turned his form round,
N is for Newman, ever so sound.
O is for O’Reilly, to be sure, to be sure,
P is for Polak, his AFL career’s no more.
Q is for Quick, ‘Hicksy’ can fly,
R is for Resilience, never say die.
S is for ‘Simmo’, battled hard to the end,
T is for ‘Tucky’, can’t break or bend.
U is for Under-23, least experienced list, bar none,
V is for Vickery, both father and son.
W is for Webberley, a penetrating kick,
X is for X-Rays, monitoring the injured and sick.
Y is for Yellow, goes beautifully with black,
Z is for Zest, not something we lack.


By Tony Greenberg