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The Geelong Cants

The Mole

Tiger Superstar
Apr 1, 2003
Hard to see they have any alternative TD. Quite probably half the problem is that the younger guys on the list are not as good as the pensioners that are playing in the seniors and getting them to a challenging position. They gave a lot to get Cameron and Higgins punting it would get them over the line. If it had - they could enjoy the flag, tell everyone they were right all along and then rebuild. The gamble failed and they won’t get better next year. They can’t get better as they are now in a spiral of diminishing returns.
And the older players have no draft currency so they cannot bring in any more picks, unlike GWS or even us who are losing talent because the depth of our list (mostly kids).


Tiger Legend
Oct 8, 2004
Instead of pissing off players they're getting rid of coaches.
No wonder they are fjen shiit
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something funny is written here
Mar 6, 2004
Corey Enright has jumped ship too, off to st Kilda.
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Tiger Champion
Feb 17, 2008
Outstanding efforts in a game 2021 afl prelim,G Rohan.


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Tiger Superstar
Jul 30, 2003
Hidden Valley
Heard Higgins being interviewed on SEN, another year still on his contract..... plus 30 years old and not in their best 22, or at least strugglnig to be. They seems to have no real room to move except go another year deeper into the failed dad's army plan, and another year deeper down the rabbit hole!

It's an old looking bunny from memory. They'll probably sign it up as a half back!
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Tiger Superstar
Apr 2, 2005
From SEN today,
“I think the whole football club is going to get a very thorough Steve Hocking makeover"

Well...that should be the end of them
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Delisted Free Agent
Nov 8, 2005
From SEN today,
“I think the whole football club is going to get a very thorough Steve Hocking makeover"

Well...that should be the end of them

Nah, they'll be told to stand where they are and not move until Hocking says so. They'll split evenly between back office, middle office and front office. If anyone has an issue they'll be encouraged to hold onto it as long as possible. Work hours will be shorter but all meetings and calls must be followed by a 30min break. Club policies will have a different interpretation week to week without notice.

All good for the Cats
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