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The Good, Bad And Ugly – Richmond 2020 Season Preview


Walks softly carries a big stick.
Jul 13, 2003
Same here. The latest I heard is that the gorilla's been spotted around Swan Street heading towards the Holden Centre.....
I thought he'd cloned himself n one version was at Ikon park n the other was plane spotting out at Tulla.


Tiger Legend
Mar 2, 2003
4 flags in 5 years would surpass the great brisbane geelong and hawthorn sides of recent times.
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Tiger Matchwinner
Aug 20, 2005
Yeah, still reckon it is bloody hard and you certainly need a bit of luck. We did well in 2019 to peak at the right time, let's hope we can repeat the effort. Everyone will be gunning for us, we have the system and the players to go back to back but we all know how hard this is going to be.

yep you can’t understate how important the comeback win against WCE where we almost got shafted in the last quarter was. Reverse that result and the road to the GF would have been so much harder and maybe through a game in Perth.

and on the flip side that Houli kick out against freo may have changed that season on its head. That’s how it rolls so good it has rolled our way in 17 and 19
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