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The I ❤️ Collingwood thread.


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Sep 22, 2014
In about 150 days the Pies are going to finish last or 2nd last, thats funny.
In about 180 days McGuire was going to resign leaving the Filth in ruins, that's sad, sad that he isn't going to be their till the end.
And they have traded out their first draft pick.
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King Kong

Tiger Champion
Aug 26, 2016
Makes you wonder how De Goey and the worlds greatest ruckman feels. After all, it was pretty much their contracts, and to a lesser extent Moore, that made them lose the players they did. Oh well, boo hoo.
No it wasn’t. It was Beams contract allegedly inc some gambling debts that were paid out that had to be included in the salary cap
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Be the reason someone believes in the good people.
May 4, 2004
Loving the fall out at the Pies, but in all honesty, it was handled appallingly, so he had to go.


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May 1, 2016
Buckley is still ignorant on how concussion works, they're sacking key figures mid-season, and the club has resorted to eating their own without care or fairness while we're gunning for our 4th premiership in 5 years.

What a wonderful world!

The De Goey criticism exposes their ignorance on concussion. Most players are down in the month after a concussion. He kicked multiple goals and/or had just below 20 touches every week until coping a severe concussion that he still suffered debilitating symptoms from a week later. Shouldn't have returned as early as he did, but since they played him anyway, I can't imagine how Buckley and teammates feel justified in delivering some of their harshest sprays in years at him.
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Oct 12, 2010
Ned Guy always looked to me to be one of those 'lights are on but nobody's home' kind of blokes.

Perhaps that is unfair—the way he talked after the trade period last year made me wonder if he truly believed the things he was saying. Maybe that's why he stumbled over his words and made no real sense.

The whole back-ended-contracts, trade-away-your-future-picks environment was bound to claim a club that was a little too loose on the detail.

Thank God it was Collingwood.