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The I ❤️ Collingwood thread.


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Aug 19, 2004
One thing I do find amusing and ironic is that their 2 greatest players, according to McGuire and a lot of other were Bob Rose and Figgy. For a club that claims to be so successful and to have won so many flags, those 2 with their playing and coaching records at the club have won exactly 0 premierships
Yep at least Tony Shaw won a flag

22nd Man

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Aug 29, 2011
Essex Heights
Hope Ross Lyon does take over at Collingwood. Retread coaches apart from Matthews and Malthouse don’t seem to have the ultimate success this century.

2000 Sheedy
2001 -2003 Matthews
2004 Williams
2005 Roos
2006 Worsfold
2007 Thompson
2008 Clarkson
2009 Thompson
2010 Malthouse
2011 Scott
2012 Longmire
2013 -2015 Clarkson
2016 Beveridge
2017 some bloke
2018 Simpson
2019-2020 that same bloke again
But as clipubs tend to appoint untried coaches not recycled ones that is not surprising.


Tear 'em apart
Sep 10, 2003
Shocker wasn't it. Some of the worst once in a generation footballers to play the game Reiwoldt, Edwards, Rance, Cotchin Martin and then other stragglers like Deledio, Grimes Astbury, Newman, Foley, Jackson and King. Set up to fail with that lot!
sorry to be pedantic but Dimma started work before Dusty, Grimes and DTLD were drafted.


Tiger Champion
May 19, 2008
Your properly right but Too many people are highlighting it now..
Not sure shiit for brains can ignore it.
Especially when the player mentions he was paid outside the cap

If you’re referring to Beams and his final contract being paid outside the salary cap - there was an article about it in yesterday’s HS
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