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The Murdoch Media

MD Jazz

Tiger Legend
Feb 3, 2017
The Daily Telegraph(!) finally acknowledged Jones was wrote too much rubbish and booted him, but the highbrow Oz, and Sky News continue to employ him.

I think Jones only writes on sport in the oz.
how many people watch his rubbish on Sky? Hopefully only his most loyal followers.
When ray hadley is bagging you you’ve gone way too far.


Jun 11, 2010
On a lighter note:
On the positive side, if you happen to have stupid kids, there’s a solid career in “journalism” waiting for them


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Jun 18, 2007
The mainstream media in this country is woeful. The commercial networks are of course garbage. The ABC is staffed almost exclusively by coke-snorting inane chatterers, Sky News plants or paid-up Liberal Party members. The papers are shithouse. The Australian has always been right-leaning, but it used to be centre-right and produced plenty of quality journalism - now it's a propaganda sheet. Paul Kelly was once a fine political journo, now he's a fat pig with his snout in the trough alongside the people he's meant to criticise. The Age was a quality broadsheet centre-left publication, now it's right-wing, tabloid, unreadable and roughly 87% opinion. The Herald-Sun, as it always has, caters for tradies who like footy and can't read, only now it's much, much nastier.

Rupert Murdoch is the worst person since Hitler.

Okay, since Pol Pot.

Okay, he's the worst person who hasn't killed millions of people.

Fine. He's the worst person who hasn't killed anyone.


That we know of.

Definitely. The worst.
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labels are for canned food
Jul 30, 2013
the depressing thing about the mainstream and murdoch media is people read it ... and believe it ...
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