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The other games - The Semi Finals


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Aug 9, 2014
For me it's simple. If you decide to play injured then you are open to any LEGAL tactic that is allowable if you weren't injured. It's not up to the umpires to make rash, uninformed, unprofessional decisions on the injury severity and status of 44 players during a game.

Just like the studs up rule, the AFL are now using a rule introduced to deal with a different issue to justify its use in this example.
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Aug 9, 2014
I think it even dates back further to when the Scott brothers (bless their salty paws ) went after the St Kilda captain , Nick R at the Gabba.

A rule was brought in then but the umpires were asked to do more after the Ben Stratton pinchy pinchy episode where the umpires chose to do nothing. Huge uproar then and huge uproar now but the other way around ( cause the umpires acted this time ).
Reiwoldt was coming off the ground injured with trainers when that happened. And that was the purpose of the rule introduction,not to interfere with an injured player being helped off by trainers.

Ben Stratton pinching. The player he was pinching wasn't injured. Purposely pinching should be banned regardless. Easy resolution. Different issue imo.


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Apr 15, 2007
melbourne, victoria
From memory it was St. Kildas Steven Baker that was doing something similar a long time back..

Its a terrible look and like anything if the umpires are on to it it would stop, everyone is very critical of umpires which I am to at times, perhaps they should be unmiked so their every conversation isn't nitpicked through the media.

That’s right Tiger Tough.!
Baker. Forgot that incident but I still think the Nick R was the catalyst.

‘The look of the game “


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Jul 13, 2003
It's pretty simple really.
We're supposed to be playing a full time professional SPORT n It's not Boxing, UFC or Muy Thai, it's Aussie Rules Football. Been a tradition for a hundred years to niggle a player carrying an injury or rough up an opponent by tummy tapping him etc. To the letter of the rules it's striking and illegal. They've introduced fines and supposedly free kicks for tummy tapping ( if they catch them ). Same rule applies to whacking a bloke on his elbow or hand or whatever, whether injured or not. It's still striking.

I'm old school enough not to be that bothered by it, but there were some shocking punches, elbows n coat hangers dished out by players years ago. The AFL has sanitised the worst of the crap out of the game, and is now working on polishing all shiny clean the last few areas of inappropriate behaviour. We are after all, far more civilized now than we were 30 / 40 years ago