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The reset we needed


Tiger Legend
Oct 8, 2004
The season is turning to shiit.
Buckles chance beating Brisbane or Port away (umpires)
So what's the plan for 2022.
6 picks under 50.
My thoughts we be we trade for another ball winning mid.
Use our 2 first rounders on mids in the draft.
Cerra isnt worth Bolton and defiantly isn't worth 2 first rounders.
We are not giving away 2 first rounders unless its Bompmytelly or Oliver.
Another 2nd hand ruck would be nice

French Tiger

Tiger Champion
Oct 6, 2004
Need to draft a key forward. Not a fwd/ruck type but a key forward.

Jack only has a year or so left & not sure what is happening with CCJ.


Tiger Rookie
Sep 30, 2014
Hunger has gone.Time for a massive turnover of the list.
On the trade table (premiership players only)
Bolton(2 firsts)
George( future 2nd)
Kmac( future 2nd)

Astbury & Houli(retired)

Trade Targets:Riccardi(gws) for JR8 replacement.


Tiger Matchwinner
Mar 26, 2014
I agree I think we should trade for a mid with proven ball winning credentials that’s good to go, whilst our existing young mids are maturing.

Cotchin is slowing and Prestia’s body cannot be trusted to make it through a season.


Tiger Legend
Apr 20, 2009
Prefer to use our draft picks on juniors and grab someone like Freeman to plug a hole. The dream is to somehow land Jason Horne, he'd help extend the window and be around for the next decade.
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