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The useless, too much time on my hands, alternative B&F votes


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Mar 27, 2003
This is the B&F according to vote average per game played.  Means nothing I know, but you get that sometimes. :blah

Losing Will and Cogs early didn't help our cause, they were both in great form, even if only for one game as in Will's case.

Will Thursfield15
Kane Johnson11.8
Troy Simmonds10.2
Mark Coughlan10.1
Andrew Raines10.1
Joel Bowden9.7
Matthew Richardson9.1
Dean Polo8.9
Kayne Pettifer8.4
Greg Tivendale7.8
Andy Kellaway7.6
Brett Deledio6.9
Shane Tuck6.8
Chris Hyde6


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Apr 4, 2005
I’m not surprised by Cogs’ high per game average. I remember the week before Cogs went down I had a conversation with someone where we decided him and Simmo as the players we would miss the most if they went down… and wouldn’t you know it. :p He is irreplaceable as one of the few inside mids we have on the team who consistently beats his opponent.

I know I’m not Robin Crusoe on this one and I’ve read Plough’s explanation, but I just don’t see why Andy wasn’t worth another year given his solid performances when on the park.