Tickets to Richmond Vs Lions

Raoul Juke

Tiger Cub
Mar 23, 2019
Hey guys, I am up in Brisbane & my wife has just surprised me & my son with air & game tickets for the game on Sunday. Great gift & surprise, but she didnt realize we then wouldnt be able to sit with a fellow friend/member & his kids. He is a MCC member and can get us guest tickets.

Therefore we are hoping to sell her tickets.

Ticket if for 1 adult + 1 Child, happy to sell just for the adult price of $40 for the 2.

Seat is

Gate 1, Level 1, bay M35, row J, Seat 16 & 17

Can email tickets.

Very excited to be going on Sunday - the Lions fans up here have been getting very cocky, hope i can get to put a few in there place