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Tigers game style


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Mar 20, 2013
Sports fans, we have got this.

We can score and put genuine pressure on the opposition.

Injuries are be the only barrier between us and the cup.

Enjoy this 6 weeks, it will be worth seeing.
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Aug 14, 2022
I mentioned this in another thread but probably more appropriate here.

I know its champion data and some people scoff at what they throw up but we are ranked 13th in the comp without the footy. This results in easy forward 50 entries to the opposition.

We definitely need to improve in that area come finals time. You can get away with it when playing the middle rung teams but you will get punished if its a Geelong or Sydney who also score heavily.
This is definitely a concern.. While we're using the new rules to full advantage and scoring heavily, there are periods during games where we just can't get our hands on the ball (bashed up at clearance then oppo moving the ball under little pressure). Sounds like I'm being negative... but I think if we tighten up defensively we can win this!! There's magic in this team and I really want us to go deep enough to get a crack at Geelong again!
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Punt n Brunton

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Sep 17, 2003
We can up the ante on the defensive pressure for finals. We've only done it for a quarter here or there throughout the season, hence the overall ranking of 13th in the league.

I think we can definitely ramp it up for finals, but the question mark is can we do it over 4 consecutive weeks? How much have we left in the tank for the finals assault?
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