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Tom Mitchell


Tiger Superstar
Jan 18, 2007
I saw the segment and Tom Morris mentioned Richmond purely as a headline grab.
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Tiger Legend
Dec 8, 2004
With the biggest IF know to man, HEAR ME OUT, do we know Cotch is retiring therefore making Mitchell possible??

100-1 to actually happen.
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St Kevin

Tiger Legend
Apr 1, 2014
I was just thinking we are sorely lacking in the ‘one paced crabs who handball meaninglessly sideways’ department.

Pass, unless it’s for our second. Not for a first in a month of Sundays.
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What did I miss dad?
May 6, 2007
Mt Waverley, Victoria
No thanks. Retaining Bolton is priority 1 & if we have cash left, we try for Cerra. Last thing we need is a slow, contested ball midfielder.
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Mar 1, 2015
Tom Morris goading us into blowing up our salary cap and sending our draft picks over to a club who have *smile* up theirs........ even if the club is upto something I hope they make a statement saying we have no interest whatsoever.
Having to read endless stories with him being linked to us for the rest of the year will absolutely do my FHI....!
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