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something funny is written here
Mar 6, 2004
Just for posterity Sam McClure says WCE will not take Harley Reid at pick 1:

“But The Age’s Sam McClure is adamant that the Eagles wouldn’t even pick the country Victorian product anyway.

“I wouldn’t do the deal if I’m North,” he said on Tradies.

“You’ve got two and three, right. Just say (to West Coast), ‘Pick him, go on. You’re not going to pick him, we don’t want it. We’re going to get him at two’.

“They’re not going to pick him. He doesn’t want to go there,” he went on to say.

“(North Melbourne) don’t need pick one, they’re going to get him at two.

I’m telling you, they’re not going to pick him.”

Then Reid himself goes bang!

“For the record, Reid himself was asked directly on SEN WA on Thursday morning whether he would like to go to the Eagles.

“I actually heard that one yesterday, it kinda rolled me,” Reid said of McClure’s comments.

“To all the West Coast people listening, I’m happy to go to the Eagles and grateful to be in the position I am.

“He obviously doesn’t really like me, I don’t think.”

When asked about the one thing that annoys him, Reid said: “Sam McClure”.
Old Sam Noclure on the money again with this gem :ROFLMAO:
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Tiger Legend
Apr 26, 2004
We now have pick 35 not 29.
Is there any other club, except us that has not had a pick yet?
Brisbane, Port and Freo.

This is probably the most rorted draft I've ever seen. Absolute feast for sookylolnorf and the silverspoon Huns. Who's to say old mate Clarko didn't influence Dimma to leave us and take on this king's throne spot.
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