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Trent Cotchin (Merged)


Tiger Champion
May 23, 2010
Bravo Zulu Cotch. led by example leaves by example. Next Jack of a year. Deserves it in his own right.
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Tiger Legend
Aug 11, 2010
I was one who thought he was captain too early when he got it and I was probably right early on, I think he admitted himself he tried too hard instead of just being himself. However in hindsight the learnings from the early years are probably in large part why he became one of the greatest Tiger skippers ever, up there with Captain Blood, and one of the greatest in the modern era in the AFL.
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Be the reason someone believes in the good people.
Staff member
May 4, 2004
Wow. I don't know I'd it's the 6th Covid lockdown getting me down, but feels like the hits just keep coming.

Chol, CCJ, potentially going.
Leppa going to the Pies.
Now el Grande Capitane, the one and only, the Magnificent Chimp Kazoo is stepping down.

The hits keep coming. Certainly feels like we're in free fall now.


Tiger Legend
Jul 11, 2010
Shipston on Stour, UK
Our captain has given us sterling service both on and off the field and his successor has big boots to fill. At least we still have him continuing to play for us and who knows, may extend his career
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Tiger Legend
Jun 4, 2006
Sad day true legend. Wonder whether after the break Cotch body telling him something. Would not surprise to see him realistically see how the season progresses and the body tells him he will do as he always has put the club first and do a Grigg
If we have another Covid-hit season he can take time off without feeling obligated and without his wife getting into the news.
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The Big Richo

Staff member
Aug 19, 2010
The home of Dusty
I thought he was a really poor choice at the time he was appointed and did a really poor job for a long time, but he emerged as arguably the greatest Captain in the history of the club and you have to be in awe of that.

Really good move to stand down now as well.
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Leysy Days

Tiger Legend
Feb 26, 2004
With Benny and DImma the greatest influence we've had in 40 years.

Champion footballer, leader and person.

The new captain will have no better mentor in the game to learn from.

Now kick some arse for the last few years on the ground Champ.
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Tiger Superstar
Apr 3, 2005
Could have captained next year, and no one would have blinked an eye, as a possible last season as captain and player. Just shows the selfless nature of Trent, and the love of our club, to say nope - now is the time to hand it over, and I'll mentor the new leader as best I can.

His captaincy journey didn't need a final tick, but he's given us one anyway.
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Chimp's Love of the Tiger
Oct 16, 2003
What a legend. Nobody can thank him enough for what he's done for the club.

In terms of successor, while I'm a Grimesy fan, surely he's not the right age profile for the job?

I'm all in on Nank for skipper and Fridge for vice
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Tiger Legend
Dec 11, 2017
Good decision I think, means he can be there while a new captain is learning the ropes.

He was appointed so young, that experience helped later, so, I reckon we have to go with a player who will be captain for at least 4-5 years, no stop gap.

Maybe this is the end of our era, I hope not as I reckon we still have a chance to be contenders. We still have a lot of quality players and a few coming through who might improve quickly as they have been held back by a lack of real games in the VFL.

Next captain? Not an easy one. I would lean towards Vlastuin. Some of his actions have been undisciplined but I don't think that is typical. Graham has to be a chance, but at present not good enough form. Nank I can't see, he would smack some silly journo after a press conference, the journo would deserve it and it wouldn't harm their miniscule IQ but it wouldn't be a good look (despite the fact most fans would love it).

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Tiger Legend
Jun 18, 2007
Trent Cotchin. One of the greatest, most important Tigers of all time. One of the greatest leaders in football history.

He didn't sag off as loose man in defence like Hodge, he slammed into the coalface, week after week, year after year. He didn't need his hand held by a co-captain like Voss. He didn't destroy the fabric of his club like the coked-up woman-glasser.

Give him a statue next to Jack's. Captain Blood and The Richmond Man.

All love, Cotch. Thanks.
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Tiger Legend
Jun 4, 2006
He didn't need his hand held by a co-captain like Voss. He didn't destroy the fabric of his club like the coked-up woman-glasser.
Most wins as captain

159 Reynolds
148 Selwood
139 Kernahan
129 Voss
126 Nicholls
123 Carey
118 Coventry
115 Cotchin
114 Bentley
109 Riewoldt
108 Tuck
101 Dyer, Pavlich
98 Barassi

Only Voss, Carey and Riewoldt were younger, and Voss (60 games) & Riewoldt (20) were eased in as co-captains. And none of them took over after their club finished 15th, 15th, 12th, 12th - only Carey and Reynolds inherited non-finalists.

His record speaks for itself and I hope he is finally accorded due respect by the footy media.
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Bullarto Tiger

Tiger Legend
Mar 17, 2012
Will always be Captain Crunch to me. The battering ram who led the charge to premiership glory, three times.
Legend of RFC.
Magnificent Richmond Man
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labels are for canned food
Jul 30, 2013
Just want to echo what everyone else has said about Cotch. Chimp the Champ! The Conductor!
And as hard at it as I've seen anyone.
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"just kick it to Royce"
Apr 19, 2004
I would give Jackmond the role for a year with the heir=apparent as vice-captain. Jack deserves to go out on a high.
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