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Trent Cotchin (Merged)

Mr Brightside

Tiger Legend
Jul 1, 2005
Take a bow you absolute Tiger immortal, with a body smashed like no other and no need to have a bandage to show how courageous you are or to ruin the best hair the game has ever seen , I think the Skip , the bloody 3 time premiership skip has had an outstanding season and just like Jack it’s your call Skip wether you go on or hang ‘em up.

Skip don’t do bandages
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Apr 26, 2004
Browneye reckons a 1 year deal for Chimp will be offered this week. Jack still unsure, but would need to take a paycut (why him?)


Tiger Superstar
Mar 18, 2014
His leadership is what I admire most.

Reckon everyone on here would have noticed how he stepped up again as soon as Grimes did his hamstring, to support Nank even more so.
Walked down the race second to Nank, still did his high 5s as the team came out, side by side with Nank on Thursday night, stepped up around the ground with a pat on the back to players these last 5-6 games.

It's what Jack Graham also has in spades.

Have never liked the 2-captain thing but our players chose and the process they went through seemed strong.
The biggest thing for me is both captains chosen were 27 & 30 when they were chosen. Was always going to seem limited post Cotch's natural leadership greatness and for the future.

Dont have any answers on this, but I hope the next tier of leadership training for those like Jack Graham is being elevated by the Club. Amongst the youngies, I only see JGTI and Sam Banks as having natural leadership skills. We have some gaps here IMO but I'm prob going too early on judging some of the younger boys.
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Apr 20, 2004
Whaaa. 3 time jack dyer medalist
What about 3 time premiership captain as well?
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T-Shirt Tommy

Tiger Champion
Apr 11, 2011
Can't go without mentioning the bouffant. Redmond will love this.

Sexy Back To The Future GIF
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Dec 11, 2017

Has been in good form and if nothing else is a great mentor to new players coming through.

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Jun 3, 2003
No Jack announcement.

Would have thought that they would announce them concurrently. Maybe Jack hasn't had his exit interview yet?
Tommy Tee,

I reckon Jackmond is planning to give Blobbo and Mince Head an exclusive 2nite.
With an eye to his gig there after next year, I reckon.
Will play one more year and pass his cousin for Games played.

And yes all hail The Warren Zevon man (see Werewolves of London clip and listen to the words)
Great news!
Awesome, Chimpah!
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Little Ziggyadee

Tiger Legend
Dec 30, 2021
Unbelievable effort
Staying on on qtr of the cash.
Shouldve stayed as captain till he decided its over.
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