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TV shows


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Mar 6, 2004
Very much enjoying The Shrink Next Door with Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd on Apple.


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Nov 25, 2004

The series got better and the finale was pretty good but there were some oddities:
- Logan claimed he always wins but was forced into selling his company rather than merge.
- Logan could have simply included Shiv and Roman in the dealings to sell.
- The two major shareholders were nowhere to be seen but should have had a say in any merger/sale.
- Hard to see what Tom gets from shafting Shiv at the last minute considering control is to be ceded t Matsson (and Logan couldn't have known earlier).
- Howe did Tom get there so shortly after the others when he left considerably later?
- Why is Greg, as only a relatively dimwitted cousin, able to insert himself in every shindig despite flip flopping his loyalty throughout?
- What were all the employees doing pounding away on their computers?
- Why are so many promising story lines started and then discarded?
- Why don't we see more of Willa (Connor's girlfriend/fiance)?

Yeah.. good questions! My stupid answers.

1. Shiv and Roman still want to be CEO so no, they can't support the GoJo merger/takeover. Once Logan is prepared to consider someone else (Hans Christian Anderfeck) all bets are off. He did try to get Roman onside but that gambit failed.
2. major shareholders -- assume that all happened by zoom etc when Karl and the gang arrived in Italia. shareholders see value in the merger.
3. Tom - all set up beautifully. Shiv's been emasculating him all season, didn't give a *smile* if he went to jail or not, he's been getting closer to Logan, he always wanted to surpass Shiv but was too gutless to say so. The "I don't love you" and "I'll think about you having my embryos if I die maybe but NO" was the last straw
4. timing, dunno, magic of television. Logan's in the same town in Italy that they are, it's not very far.
5. Tom loves Greg d'uh - the conversation about the Roman emperor Sporus pushing his wife down the stairs, castrating his favourite slave and marrying him set all that up. And no it's metaphorical, I don't think he wants to bonk Greg. Although maybe.
6. As per Baloo's thing - they are actually doing the grunt work of contracts, agreements, due diligence, churning out heaps long documents etc
7. Storylines - yes. Up to this episode I would agree. The DoJ investigation, gone. The (boring) presidential thing gone. Naomi the manic pixie drug girl, AWOL. Marcia, rarely seen. Stewy, Sandy and Sandi, where are they? BUT - all those things made more sense in the context of this ep.
8. Willa and Connor are comic relief.

Shiv really screwed up bad - firstly, the discussion with her mother the night before - her mother explicitly mentioned the divorce deal/company structure in that conversation too. Secondly, the conversation with Tom about babies. Also treating Tom like shyte since, well, forever. Those conversations really sealed her fate. Also Roman's idiotic thing with Gerri, the same.

Also just wanna say KENDALL IS BACK BAYBEE
As soon as he saw a chance to kill Logan all his will to live miraculously returned! Next season will be the super Ken season!
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Jun 18, 2007
Just finished the final episode of Ken Burns' Ali doco. Ali's my all-time hero. He was before my time but I took my Dad's love for him (the dog's name was Cassius) and ran with it. I've read and watched everything ever published or produced about him. Nothing has better driven home the tragedy of what was allowed to happen to him than this episode. Watching his friend and former sparring partner Larry Holmes in tears, giving his idol brain damage because he wouldn't go down. Realising that the shaking, shuffling ghost barely able to hold the torch in Atlanta '96 was only 54 years old.

Reckoning what the world lost when this brilliant, beautiful, inspirational, witty, future political leader was reduced to mumbles and shuffles by his early 40s. The cynic in me says they would have cut him down another way, that any serious political move he made would have been met with bullets, because that's America. True greatness, boy it extracted a heavy toll. The man paved the way for everyone from Jordan to Cube to Obama. His story is as poetic in its tragedy as any of his pre-fight predictions.

The 20th Century was America's. Ali was America in a man. Beautiful, terrible, unmatched and irreversibly tragic.

Boxing. Doesn't that brutal balletic corrupt yet pure sport sum us up.
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Dec 8, 2004
Where’d you watch it @spook , I’m super keen to have a look.

Also watched Jagged, the Alanis Morissette doco. Superb. She’s an underrated icon. Unbelievable story.



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Jul 30, 2013
enjoying The Sinner on Netflix
Bill Pullman doing a great job as a detective on weird cases
it's a well put together show


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Feb 8, 2021
We're all over this one right? He's a legend, and this is as good as the another climbing documentary called 'Meru' ‍♂️
The record was climbing these 14 peaks over 7 years, Nims climbed the 14 peaks in 7 months!! The last five summits were climbed in only 12 days ‍♂️

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Dec 4, 2004
I’ve binged the entire 3 seasons of Mr Inbetween over the last few weeks.
What a superb Australian series. Loved it.
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Jul 24, 2003
Watched the first 3 episodes of '1883', as a Western fan, really enjoyed it so far.
Sam Elliott is excellent as the hard arse wagon train leader, but it's a great ensemble cast.
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