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Ugliest Footballer Going Around.


Non-Hierarchical Boss Cocky
Feb 4, 2006
tigersnake said:
ANTHONY ROCCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Top pick up snake. straight to CHF.

Out: Akka
In: A. Rocca

Its gettin' ugly.

Damien Peverill Mick martin Alan Ezard.

Josh Thurgood John Ironmonger Danny Southern

Scratcher Neal Bhudda Hocking (Capt) Cameron Ling

Anthony Daniher Anthony Rocca Wayne Primmer

Wayne Weiderman Mark Jackson (VC) Lunch Witnall

foll:Crackers Keenan, chicken smallhorn, sean denham

int: Stevie Milne, Mitch Robinson, michael long, LRT

emg: Damien monkhurst. Frazer gehrig, Dane Swan, Darren Bewick

Coach: Dennis Pagan


Tiger Superstar
May 23, 2005
I'll have to add KB to the list as an emergency, only because The Coodabeens had a "Take your mask off, KB, you're scaring the kids" Action Faction


Tiger Champion
Sep 24, 2005
OMG - this thread is hilarious. Just found it. I would have to add Fevola if he hasn't yet been mentioned. Joe Daniher is one of the worst I have seen for some time.


This is a REAL tiger
Mar 8, 2004
TJsFurrow said:
How far back are we going here? There was a bloke who played for Fitzroy in the 30's called Chicken Smallhorn who was 62 kilos of hooked nose and overbite. Won a Brownlow.
Age didn't improve Chicken either. I saw him on World of Sport many years ago having a chat to Jack Dyer and Jack reminisced how he used to knock Chicken down all the time, but he always picked him up afterwards. It came out that Chicken's first name was actually Wilfred. This had not been known to Jack before and he said, "Is that really your name?"
Chicken said that yes it was.
Jack replied, "If I'd known that I wouldn't have picked you up!"


I am the one who knocks.
Jan 18, 2014
Vlastuin, with that beard, is quickly joining the ranks of the esteemed members mentioned previously.