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VFL Live Streams 2021

Smoking Aces

Batten Down The Hatches
Sep 21, 2007
CJ has nine goals in two weeks.

Hardwick is right that he would change our structure.

Our midfield is going to need to set up for a lot more goals.
I thought Chol was better today. Better option as that second ruck / forward.
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Tiger Legend
Aug 11, 2010
CJ has nine goals in two weeks.

Hardwick is right that he would change our structure.

Our midfield is going to need to set up for a lot more goals.
yep but it's not just that he is kicking goals, his stats have been really good

Today he had 21 possessions, 11 marks, kicked 4-4 and had 15 hitouts. That's a really good all round big man's game
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Tiger Legend
May 16, 2007
Three tall forwards worked a treat for us in the VFL. Cue the big scores.

While I understand Dimma has a proven strategy, at the moment it's not working and we have two very good talls in the seconds with Chol and CCJ. A forward line of Lynch, Chol and CCJ would stretch every defence in the league.


Tiger Legend
Apr 6, 2014
Maybe Caddy didn't have to leave the field for a rolled ankle. Might have been leather-poisoning.

Wonder if he would have been any use in the trenches against the Lions' thugs last night, instead of one of the kids?
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Tiger Rookie
Mar 31, 2014
The way we bomb it into the fwd 50 another tall has to be an option and CCJ is putting up good numbers, time for him to see his futre is at rfc.
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Tiger Legend
Aug 9, 2014
Today maybe but what about all season? I just can’t trust Chol.
CCJ deserves his opportunity. Has been the most consistent Tiger this year. Chol has been looking good too last couple and probably deserves another chance but I do question the quality of the opposition in the last two games. True grit is how you perform when you're challenged and Chol has dropped his head too much in the past. Maybe things have changed.

Obviously both aren't going to get a chance unless there's injuries so I'm going with CCJ as the better forward option who can pinch-hit in the ruck.
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Bullarto Tiger

Tiger Legend
Mar 17, 2012
Thanks for all the match reports.
Good to hear that the cupboard isn't bare and that some players are putting their hands up for selection.
Surely CCJ must be in serious consideration for an AFL call up.