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VFL Rd 7 v Boxhill


Tiger Rookie
Jul 30, 2005
Butler best game for the year

Opened the game up when we needed it


Tiger Legend
Feb 9, 2015
DirtyDogTiger said:
Tigers VFL are 6-0
Who would believe that after looking at our injury list?

Spoke to Fly in the Social Club tonight and said to him "the wins keep getting better". He agreed and said it was the best win of the year as Hawthorn had 18 AFL listed players playing compared to our ravaged side.


Tiger Legend
Apr 6, 2014
Yer, could only watch it on TV but another great effort. Up against it but came home strongly against the wind.

But my first extended look at Chol this year. He's a winger who just happens to be about 200cm. Can't see him making it. Just isn't anywhere near hard enough, not by a long way.


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Mar 2, 2003
Watched the second half. Good standard game and very entertaining. Of the listed players thought Townsend butler rioli and naish were best. Great to see we have players ready to step into the firsts even with the injuries we have. What depth problems? Also we have some impressive vfl listed players. Well done fly.