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Welcome Hugo Ralphsmith


Tiger Legend
Aug 19, 2004
He's got a lot to do to be better than Phil Egan. I'd be happy if he was as good as Robbie Powell. Currently tracking roughly Ricky Petterd.
Petterd was handy he got a couple of injuries in a shortish period the last was a Lisfranc fracture that ended his career.

Powell was a handy nippy little bugger that hit the scene for a year or two then seemingly dropped off.

Egan we all know how good he was .
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Aug 20, 2005
He’s a paupers’ bankrupt cousins’ Stewart maxfield at the moment.

Let’s hope the skills issue is a fixable one like when Dan Jackson sorted it out. Potentially the the consistent toughness will come with some preseasons under his belt. Fingers crossed and good luck to him. Pace and hair to burn.