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Welcome to Richmond - Kaleb Smith


Tiger Rookie
Sep 30, 2003
Height: 181cm

Weight: 77kg

D.O.B: 20-11-2004

20m Sprint
Kaleb Smith (East Fremantle) – 2.881 seconds

Kaleb Smith (East Fremantle) – 8.052

Young, fast and agile.

Here's hoping!
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Smoking Aces

Batten Down The Hatches
Sep 21, 2007
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Tiger Legend
Aug 31, 2007
Western Australia
Hopefully is over his injuries. Had a poor start to the season this year. Probably would have gone earlier if he had the full season to show his talents.
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Tiger Superstar
Feb 8, 2021
Short and Vlos better watch out for the kicking in duties!! :oops:
Runs it 60, kicks it 60, Lynch marks from 60, GOAL!! :cool:
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Tigers of Old

Proud of our Club.
Jul 26, 2004
Versatile and powerful player who shared his football talent between Wesley College and East Fremantle. Excelled in the WAFL under-18s competition, averaging 22 disposals (nine contested) in six matches. Is strong overhead for his size and very quick, with the ability to break the lines. Also a state-level junior cricketer, he was extremely impressive at Draft Combine testing. His time of 2.88 seconds for the 20m sprint ranked third overall for all State Draft Combine participants, while his 8.05 seconds in the agility test ranked fourth and confirmed his elite acceleration.

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Tiger Legend
Apr 26, 2004
Maybe we just needed a Smithy. First one since Craig 30 years ago.
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It's been a very hard working from home
Staff member
May 4, 2004
Disposal looked a little scratchy from that highlights package, but he looks lightning fast. Hope that doesn't scare Steely.


Tiger Legend
Jun 18, 2007
Was being likened to Isaac Smith prior to the Draft.
He's got the same long-striding easy pace. Both would make good 400m runners.

Like these quotes from his school coach:

“He plays half-back for East Fremantle colts and he breaks lines.

“We played him on a wing last year at PSA level and he just terrorises the opposition with his speed and ball-carrying ability.

“Then we realised when we put him forward that he could jump and mark the ball and kick goals as well, we didn’t have much of that so we left him forward.

“We played him on ball a bit as well and he ran out of centre bounces and kicked goals from there.

“He’s got strings to his bow but he’s still got development left in his body and his game so there’s lots of upside to him as well.

“He can burst away, he can jump vertically and he’s a good kick with clean hands, so he’s got those traits with AFL written all over them.”
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