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What are you looking forward to in 2020...?


Walks softly carries a big stick.
Jul 13, 2003
Many of us have a love/hate thing going with George, but on balance it's more love.

I tend to think that some of his issues are between the ears, not necessarily skill issues. We've seen him have periods of good goal kicking, both set shots and snaps, then he seems to have a drop off.

If Fly can help out that's great. I'm still lovin' Kaptn' Kaos and what he brings.
Mini me version of the great Cho man. Just about anything can happen n usually does when either of them get near the ball. Complete heart in mouth n peeping from behind the fingers stuff for the fans.
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Tiger Rookie
Sep 22, 2014
Decided to rewatch our win v port over there which is always fun when you know the end result
Even Kalamity Kmac brings a smile to proceedings!

Looking forward to Bolton growing in confidence and more midfield time. Did some beautiful moves in this match. Jack Ross and hopefully Higgo finding spots and what Tom Lynch is going to be with an injury free preseason under his belt.
So many great scenarios we get to look forward to!:)
Agree I watched the game again. Showed the future talent of Richmond. Exciting
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Tiger Superstar
Mar 1, 2015
With all this talk of eras, dynasties and us as a club being seen by many as the trendsetters in virtually all the new age areas ie; mindfulness and connection etc, I'm looking forward, probably with some trepidation, as to how the club handles the expectations of firstly us, the supporters and in turn the rest of the footy world.
Hopefully we have more ground breaking moves either by design or circumstance we can unleash to continue this great period.
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glenn downing

Tiger Cub
Jun 2, 2014
Really looking forward to this years draft. The club having 4 picks in the first 41 is a great result given we won the premiership. Hopefully our recruiters can snag some more draft gems. We have seen in the last few years with our later picks and the rookie draft that there are good quality players outside of the first round and the second round.
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End of the drought
Jun 8, 2013
Rancey to be back in AA team
Lynch to win Coleman
Houli to win Norm Smith
Tigers to beat the Eagles by 48 points.

Would like to see -
Jack Graham get a second medal. This bloke is just a champ, doing what he did in the Prelim.
Jack Higgins get back to playing like we know he can. Break into the seniors in the second half and become a premiership player.
Exited to see what Marlion brings after a full preseason

Will be interested to see -
Do we stay with 2 rucks? Does Balta play the type of role Grigga did in '17?
Who doesn't make the best 22 out of the 2019 Premiership team Ellis has gone? There's an opening for a winger. But how do we fit Rance, Graham and Jack Ross? Then there's RCD and CCJ.
And STACK!!!!!

Nice problems to have.

Look out Cartoon in R1.
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year of the tiger

Tiger Legend
Mar 26, 2008
What I would like next year is the AFL to expand a team squad from 22 to 26 so we can get to see all our top liners play in the one team.

Once, not that long ago, we used to struggle to get 18 AFL quality players in the one squad, now we have Graham, Stack, Rance, Ross and Higgins who are AFL quality waiting to come back into a Premiership team - I mean thats what we are talking about.

....... and then we have RCD, CCJ and Balta ready to try and prove they can step up.
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