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What the heck happened in 2004?


A Tiger in Denmark
Aug 9, 2003
That round 8, 2004 game against the Bulldogs appeared on my facebook feed the other day.
Was pretty sure that was the day Richo kicked 10 (out of 15 mind you) so I watched bits of it.
Interview with Richo at the end ... "that's three in a row we've won which is interesting given everyone wrote us off. Now we just have to back it up".
So I went and looked at the stats.
Sure enough ... beat Scumwood in round 1, followed by very heavy defeats to Melbourne (59 points), The Aints (45), Geelong (49), Adelaide (75).
We are 1-4, on the bottom at 66.8%.
Then wins over Hawthorn (1 point), Sydney (13) and the aforementioned Bulldogs game (23 points).
So we are (believe it or not) ninth on 4-4 and 80.8 %.
Was curious to see how we "backed it up".


Finished up last on 4-18 and 69.2%
Interesting to see Hawthorn second-last also on 4-18 and 70.2% so they were not a whole lot better ... except for the fact that they won a flag within four years and then three more.

Then I realized this was Spud's last hurrah.

Anyone thinking how far off we might be now, have a look at some of the teamlists from that year.

fastin bulbous

I Dig Syd
Mar 30, 2010
Enjoying watching the dogs and tiges with richo on the wing.. brings a tear to my eye

EDT- Tambling just laid a fierce tackle :p