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Who do we keep on the list? Chol v Coleman-Jones

Who de we keep on our list?

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Mar 2, 2003
Can we add Lynch to the poll?
Unfortunately reckon Lynchs knee is gone.
I'll spew up if we trade CJ.
Jack finished, Lynch on one leg, then we have no one else.
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Mr Brightside

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Jul 1, 2005
Fast Becoming a crucial player to our future , we have no other genuine young key forwards ,yes we have a couple of gangly rucks who play forward, Chol just can’t be trusted , Lynch is getting older very quickly, though will be a vital option for a couple more years, Jack beats up on 3rd defenders but gets beaten up on by top defenders, Balta is going to be needed down back for a while yet . Can’t see CJ been a star , however think he can be a really important key forward / ruck going forward , crucial signing
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T-Shirt Tommy

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Apr 11, 2011
This thread is hilarious.

On a weekly basis. it's pretty much:
If Chol plays well, then CCJ gets the arse.
If Chol plays badly, keep CCJ and trade Chol.
If CCJ plays well, Chol gets the flick.
If CCJ plays badly, keep Chol and trade CCJ.
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St Kevin

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Apr 1, 2014
I am reminded of something a former teacher once said.

"You enter school confused, when you leave you'll be confused at a higher level".

I feel that way regarding CJ vs Mabs. Honestly have NFI what the answer is, apart from I think CJ is probably the better player/prospect and Mabs is probably the better 'fit'. Beyond, that I'm glad I'm not making the decision.