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will we need to be vaccinated to attend games in 2022


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May 1, 2016
Which side of the fence do you want to be on after these two scenario's

A 100 people are vaccinated against Covid and one dies from complications from the Jab.


B The same 100 people are not vaccinated & 33 die from Covid.

iI think I will take take A thank you.

I guess it's human nature to live in such a way that allows people to tell themselves that "bad things happen and I have no control over them" as opposed to "I took action and bad things happened as a result". Logic hides in a bunker when people become scared and unwilling to relinquish a feeling of control.

The same underlying desire could describe why people are more fearful of driverless cars than they are of themselves controlling it. Or the trolley dilemma, in which people prefer to let a trolley kill 5 people instead of being responsible for pulling the lever so it only kills 1.

It's always difficult to have a conversation with people about their sense of control or aversion to responsibility.
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