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Willie Rioli ASADA scandal


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May 4, 2004
Love the fact he was still eligible for Goal of the Year award. That could have got a bit awkward....


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Jan 28, 2004
Been pinged again for cannabis in the Essendon Elimination Final (which is considered performance enhancing as it was game day). Doubt he will ever play again.

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Aug 16, 2008
Accepting this latest explanation for a moment (spending 3-4 hours unsuccessfully trying to pee) - I wonder if he was able to use his phone during that time?
It obviously would have been a pretty boring wait and I’d like to think he might have got on the phone to a team mate for example or a coach or just someone who might have twigged that the kid was doing it tough.

But maybe the ASADA protocol is no outside communication?
It’s not a torture session. They just have to produce a urine sample. The players have been educated on the WADA/ASADA rules so it should have been no surprise to Willie. The club can provide their own chaperone to ensure the players are okay.
Many years ago Paul Broderick missed the team flight back to Melbourne because it took so long to produce the urine sample.
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Nov 8, 2005
That explains the leap in some of his marks
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Jul 1, 2004
Does anyone know how Bob Hope can be considered performance enhancing when it is a depressant?
Jun 4, 2006
Does anyone know how Bob Hope can be considered performance enhancing when it is a depressant?
A common perception of marijuana is that its use impairs physical activity, including exercise performance. While the effects of marijuana can decrease hand-eye coordination and distort spatial perception, there are other effects that can be performance enhancing for some athletes and sport disciplines. Cannabis can cause muscle relaxation and reduce pain during post-workout recovery. It can also decrease anxiety and tension, resulting in better sport performance under pressure. In addition, cannabis can increase focus and risk-taking behaviors, allowing athletes to forget bad falls or previous trauma in sport, and push themselves past those fears in competition.