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Your Greatest Tiger memory ever…


Tiger Legend
Dec 8, 2004
Things are grim, tough. We’ve been spoilt over the past four years but even in the darkest times we have supported the greatest, most unique club in the land. It’s time to go back over your greatest memories ever and who did you share them with?

Think hard, think long. For me it was drinking stubbies with my Dad and brother in Swan Street in 2017 after the Grand Final win. From 6pm till midnight it was footy’s version of Woodstock. A love fest that will never be repeated. Seeing a barbers open and give out free Dusty cuts. Seeing a bunch of 60 plus well to do ladies with a bottle of champagne each, no cups required. Hugging randoms and just laughing. The bloke with the trumpet out the front of the Corner hotel.

The ride isn’t ever, not even close but we need to stop and sniff the roses. We need to saviour the memories from every generation.
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Smoking Aces

Batten Down The Hatches
Sep 21, 2007
Great thread Scoop.
Mine was greeting my then 11 year old son after the 2017 Grand Final as we had separate seats. Will not forget it! And then meeting up with my long life Tiger mates to share this moment after we had endured years of football pain.
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Tiger Legend
Apr 26, 2004
1980 flag as a 14 year old. I ran out in the backyard after the game all pumped up kicking the footy around and commentating to myself. Best part was seeing my old neighbour, a Scumwood supporter, all red in the face in his back yard smashing things around and giving me a bad look everytime the footy hit the fence.:))
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Tiger Legend
Aug 31, 2007
Western Australia
I was at the 2017 GF.

At half time I got up to stretch my legs and break the intensity of watching the game and feeling cautiously optimistic about our chances.

As I looked along the aisle, about 10 seats to my left, an old fella in a Tigers scarf was doing the same.

Our eyes met and he said "We've got 'em rattled, haven't we?"

Despite all the noise and people moving around, I could see and hear him clearly. It was like we were in a vacuum, almost a religious vision. And suddenly I just knew we really did have them and that we were going to win.

I nodded and said, "yeah mate, I reckon we have".

I then spent the rest of half time wishing for the game to restart cause I just knew we were going to win. And I spent most of the last quarter wanting the game to go on forever.
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Dec 17, 2002
Dusty to Reiwoldt to Prestia goal at the end of the third quarter, second qualifying final vs Geelong 2017.

To that point the whole match had been surreal. We were harder, hungrier and frankly dominant for most of the match to that point but hadn’t capitalized on the score board. Geelong had hit back, kicking multiple goals in a row for the first time all game. At the time it felt like we were on the verge of heartbreak yet again but it wouldn’t be. At the most important moment of the match and to that point the season, in the most un-Richmond like way, we produced the most sublime piece of play I’d ever seen from a Richmond team. Everything after that was innevitable.

Special mention to the Rance spoil on Walker in second quarter of 2017 GF. From that point on we just went to work on them. Completely dominated and in the process broke the Adelaide FC apart. Good times.
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A Tiger in Denmark
Aug 9, 2003
I grew up spoilt by the 1967-1982 era. So I was accustomed to, and expected, success.
1982-2016 shook that tree to its core.
Come 2017 and I had been living in Denmark for 26 years.
Upon winning the PF I decided to go. An unanticipated, glorious, and ultimately successful six days in Melbourne, including attending the game, and a rare chance to see family and friends.
That is without a shadow of a doubt my greatest Tiger memory ever.
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Chimp's Love of the Tiger
Oct 16, 2003
Has to be Dusty's last goal in the GF last year. At the game it was like slow motion. He couldn't could he? Just remember rising to my feet as he shrugged off Flopperfield and as it sailed through I just yelled Get *smile*!!!
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Tiger Legend
Dec 11, 2017
There are a few, geez I'm glad I support a team with 8 premierships in my lifetime!

I am going to have to call a tie.

I was 14, about to turn 15 and as it worked out an adult membership would be too expensive for me, so before turning 15 I could enjoy getting a ticket to the 1980 Grand Final, only later did I work out that the wage for a paper boy was never going to pay for a VFL adult membership. It is hard to remember how it felt back then because I was supremely confident, just knew we would win. Such was one's attitude as a Richmond supporter back in those days before the 37 year drought. Being at the GF, watching Bartlett kick 6, Jim Jess's thumping kicks, Lee, Roach, Weightman et al. At the time a record margin. Great day at the footy, great memory.

The second was being at Punt Rd in 2017 with my daughter who had blamed me for making her a Richmond supporter. She would have been 23 by then and Richmond had not looked like being a successful team. Maybe half way through the last quarter we just looked at each other - we were going to win the flag. Unbelievable, sheer relief, she could have that same feeling I had as a kid that my team was on top, we were the champions. There was certainly something magical about winning a flag after so long.

Honourable mention to 1974, we moved to Melbourne at the start of 1974 and I remember listening on the radio as we won back to back flags. Waiting for the replay that evening to actually see the game (in B&W as few people had colour TVs).

Yeah, we are having a tough year so far, but we'll be back, if not this year then in the next few years. I can't see Richmond with the current list and youngsters with potential going back to the doldrums for a while. Plus, a much better run club these days. Get that Punt Rd redevelopment happening and keep building the club so we can withstand the bad times and make sure we have more good times.

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Tear 'em apart
Sep 10, 2003
so many. Went to a lot of finals in last 7 years, including all the prelims bar 18 (I'm the good luck charm) and the GFs. 2 things jumped into my mind. 1, QF 17, Dusty fend on Stewart at HB. I watched this game on TV, I can still see the whole thing in slow motion, I can remember exactly where I was, who I was with, What I said, what they said, every detail of that moment is tattood on my memory. I just remember this overwhelming feeling of we are home, we are good, we are gunna win the flag! And the tiger crowd going apeshit came through the TV.

Number 2 is 2 weeks later, Swan St after the PF win over the Giants. There with a lot of family. Went into a pizza place and ordered the special, Tiger Pizza. Black olives with a stripe of pineapple. We all agreed it was the best pizza we ever ate, and a procession of fellow fans who saw us eating it, asked where we got it, and went straight over to order one.

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Tiger Legend
Dec 11, 2017
Yeah, have to say the 2017 QF was pretty special. When Geelong got even and then we turned around and smacked them I knew we were contenders. Finally a Richmond team looked like it could go all the way, if not that year maybe in a year or two . . . but as it turned out we didn't have to wait.



Two outta three ain't bad.
Mar 21, 2005
I saw the 74 GF. I saw Disco touch the clouds. I saw every finals match in 80. I saw just about every kick Mathew Richardson ever had.
And we have been so unbelievably blessed for the past 4 years. In that time we saw 2 goals of the year, and the greatest mark ever taken by a Richmond player not even a week ago.
But this. This takes the cake.
I'll never forget it as long as I live.

dusty goal 4.jpg
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Tiger Legend
Jan 28, 2004
Great thread - probably too many too mention in recent times really but the entire 2017 QF against the Cats was phenomenal. From the dark years, Rich beating Carlton, the Mother's Day massacre and beating Essendon in the 95 final while on a footy trip in Tassie - our Richmond supporting coach at time gathered the entire pub, not just our team, into a big huddle at three quarter time and stood on a table and gave the most rousing coaches address of his career; never been in a pub with the atmosphere like it that day during the last quarter.
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Tigers of Old

Proud of our Club.
Jul 26, 2004
Shai Bolton's mark last week was pretty darn good!

For me though it will be Dusty pushing off Stewart & streaming down the wing to set up Prestia in the 2017 Qualifying final..the rest is history.
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Tiger Superstar
Jun 3, 2003
I saw the 74 GF. I saw Disco touch the clouds. I saw every finals match in 80. I saw just about every kick Mathew Richardson ever had.
And we have been so unbelievably blessed for the past 4 years. In that time we saw 2 goals of the year, and the greatest mark ever taken by a Richmond player not even a week ago.
But this. This takes the cake.
I'll never forget it as long as I live.

View attachment 12166
Great pic TTT.
Flopperfield, Dangerdive, Clangerfield, has a good hold of Dust Buster there.
Yet Dustman slices through him like butter. And leaves him in the car park so he can finish the work.
Greatest Goal in a Grand Final?
Pretty close.
All 4 sausages were rolled gold, top shelf.
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St Kevin

Tiger Legend
Apr 1, 2014
Climbing the fence at Punt Road with one of my best mates (Carlton fan who was shockingly thrilled) and just sitting in the Jack Dyer Stand in the early hours of Sunday morning after the 2017 Grand Final.
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Tiger Champion
Jul 24, 2004
I was 5. I spent a lot of time with my grandfather an SP bookie in Westgarth. I thought he supported the Tigers and began to support them also.
I remember congratulating him on a famous win in 53, only to learn that he followed South Melb.
He suggested I should change my allegiance but I apparently told him it was too late.
Some weeks later a Saturday, it was raining heavily and he asked me to go to answer a knock at the front door.
There I found an old guy in a raincoat carrying a wet brown paper bag.
I took him down the hall way to the kitchen and after greeting my grandfather I was introduced to his cousin, Charlie Callander, the then Richmond property steward.
He gave me the bag. Inside the bag was champion ruckman Roy Wrights jumper!
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Tiger Legend
Oct 8, 2004
The Happiest day ive ever spent watching my beloved tigers has to be the 2017 GF.
It was the best feeling ive ever had watching us play.
The love for those 22 players will always be remembered for me.
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Tiger Rookie
Mar 31, 2014
I sadly didnt get to the 2017 GF, bu the week before at the prelim, the noise after lamberts first goal and then walking to flinders st after the win with my 3 adult children knowing we were about to play in the GF, they're first one was something i still remember clearly
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