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Feb 25, 2007
Why does he think we will lose to Carlton?
Would have thought the Saints, Bullies and Dees would have been more logical.
Not that I think we will lose to them at all.

Correct we dont lose to Carlton and can't see us losing to the dogs at the G which we normally have their measure there.

Marvel always seems to be tricky for us, so 50/50 V Saints

The dees for me will be the big one and I wouldn't at all be surprised if we beat them, 2021 seems to be an anomaly and I get this distinct feeling that they will be out to atone for that in season 2022.
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Apr 26, 2004
Who continues to tickle our fancy in the Hun?

I've got to keep reminding myself who won the 2021 GF.....:mhihi

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Tiger Legend
Aug 19, 2004
Who continues to tickle our fancy in the Hun?

I've got to keep reminding myself who won the 2021 GF.....:mhihi

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Pinching one more this year would be the best, would put the Dees back in their box for another year.

It would also be a great way to send off any of our great Champs if they choose to bow out.

17,19,20,22 has a roll/synergy to it.
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Dont Argue

Tiger Champion
Jun 26, 2018
From the H/S
Hard to argue except perhaps MRJ. No time for experiments. Parker for mine as last sub
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Tiger Superstar
Jun 14, 2010
If things go right injuries , fine tune game plan etc no one fears me dees , dogs nobody.

We need the next tear of players to step up that's the key RCD, Dow , Hugo , Stack etc etc.

We need to sort out our forward line to was a mess last year George and Aarts aren't cutting it as smalls. Either Junior steps up or Stack plays there or even Clarke.


Jul 31, 2004
I want two more to make it 10 flags since I started following them.

Would love to win it this year to make it our most successful run yet and whilst the likes of Riewoldt, Cotchin, Martin, Edwards, Grimes, Vlastuin, Lambert etc are still on our list.

Then quite happy to wait a little longer for the next level of stars to get back us in a roll again.
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