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9 1980 Grand Final Premiership Newspapers Complete from Cover To Cover


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Apr 25, 2004
I have 9 1980 Richmond Premiership Newspapers for Sale, 7 post match newspapers and 2 grand final previews. They include the The Sun, The Herald, The Age. Sunday Press, Sunday Observer, Sporting Globe and Inside Football Annual. They are complete, not just lift-outs or souvenirs and nothing else, the papers are complete from cover to cover. Their condition is I think extremely good with only the Sporting Globe having a little bit torn off the bottom (view the images for all of them).

As to why I'm letting them go? Eventually (unless something dramatic happens) I will be relocating permanently in the US. I will be taking lots of Richmond items with me including clothing and other momentos etc, but I think the newspapers are a bridge too far. It will be a bit much asking the Americans to 'get it'. And there is no point holding onto these papers if I can't occasionally show them off (in America they'd just be something you'd line a bird cage with). Plus let's face it, the less I have to ship overseas the cheaper it will be. It's still a pretty regretful sale I must say as I bought them personally. I will be listing it on Ebay but I will entertain offers (but please don't be annoyed if I take my time to think about it and eventually say no - I really don't know how much they are worth, for all I know they might not be worth anything at all. So I'm playing this by ear). Needless to say I would like them to end up with someone that would appreciate them.

Also please check out some Richmond clothing I'm selling as which is kind of surplus to my needs including a vintage Richmond Vivid Bomber Jacket with leather sleeves. Anyhow feel free to ask questions and thanks for reading this.

Here is the ebay link with loads of images